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Just saw a mouse scurrying around in your room? Rats and mice are notorious creatures infamous for damaging property and spreading disease. Even if you can’t see them, there are many signs that your property has become a breeding ground for rodents. Before rodents wreak more damage and make your life miserable, trust the professionals at Action Pest Control to resolve your rodent infestation problem quickly. We have been serving Ashland, Grants Pass, and other locations in between, with superior rodent control services and prevention solutions. Trust us to take care of your pest problem safely and for long-term results.

Know The Signs And Don’t Ignore Them

Rats and mice are nocturnal creatures that stay out of sight during the day and become active in the dark of night. Be careful about sounds, smells, and sights that collectively tell you about a rodent problem.

Scratching Noises

Scratching Noises

Due to their nocturnal nature, rats and mice can be heard climbing and scratching during the night. Their activity within the walls and squeaking sounds are strong indicators.

Pungent Smells

Pungent Smells

A rodent colony becomes noticeable due to the strong, pungent smell of their lairs. If you notice that your living room, kitchen, or any other room has a bad odor, it means a rodent dwelling is somewhere close.

Visual Signs

Visual Signs

The most telling signs are the ones that you can see. Droppings near food storage, kitchen, and storerooms, gnaw marks on baseboards, rodent footprints, and burrows on the outdoor surroundings are a clear indication of a rodent problem.


Before Rodents Threaten Your Health And Property, Call Us

If you are experiencing any signs of a rodent infestation, it is important to get your home or office inspected right away. At Action Pest Control, we know that rodents can be sneaky, but they can’t dodge our detailed inspection. Our pest control experts are trained to track and find rodent colonies and their sources. Based on our diagnosis of the condition of your property, we create a rodent control strategy to not only eliminate them but also their point of entry to prevent future risk of infestation. We take rodents out of your property and off your mind!

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